ITO Touchscreen



Working principle

When a finger touches the front panel of the touchscreen, a capacitance is generated among the finger, the front panel and the ITO layer. A slider is composed of several prolonged triangle pattern. When the finger locates on the left side of the pattern, the area covered by the finger in left triangle electrode is larger than that of the right side. As a result, the sampling IC collects strong signal from the left electrode and weak signal from the right electrode. The X-coordinate location of the finger is then detected by the calculation of the sampling IC against the proportional current between the left electrode and the right electrode. When a finger touches the panel, the strongest signal exists in the location where closest to the finger-covered area, other signal is fading in proportional distance. Therefore, the sampling IC detects the Y-coordinate location by calculating the different signals across the sliders.



Single-layer capacitive touch screen has features of projective capacitive with some differences:

Simpler working principle and more stable signals;

Simpler layout with lower processing requirement, easier for manufacturing;

Higher light transmittance of 89%;

Stronger anti-interference ability;



Electronic productsincluding PC, Mobile phone,hand-held instrument,E-book,GPS,information terminal, writing pad, and game console.



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