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  • Vacuum absorbing system to keep the PCB even and prevent it from sticking to scraper.
  • Automatic 4-point locating system to ensure the accuracy to 0.02mm and adjust to different sizes of steel webs.
  • Suspended scraper to balance the pressure of the left and right scraper and extend the working life of scrapers and steel web.
  • PLC+ operating system with communicating function to set the speed directly.
  • Diagnostic system to show any issues directly through the operating interface.

Solder paste saving system to recycle the extra solder paste.

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Precise printing on coiled materials like PET, PVC, PC, OBB, and composite paper.


Vertical structure; motor-driven; the machine is consist of four parts: raw material section, printing section, drying section, and rolling section.

PLC program control; high-accuracy alignment; automatic monitoring

Alarm & shutdown in abnormal situations

Major printing girder, header, screen clamp are made of aluminum alloy

Stable processing speed

Separate adjustment on directions, speed, and route

Hot air inner recycle, PID controller

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Working principle: electrical drying tunnel uses external heating pipe to transform electric energy into thermal energy. Heat is transmitted by a fan with low noise and high pressure through the air inlet duct, into the tunnel, which the will cause a circle of heat wave. Convective mixing force is incorporated in the tunnel, which can maintain a uniform temperature. The tunnel have several special properties, such as automatic temperature control, speed adjustment, fault alarm warning and etc. Thus, this system is safe, easy-to-use and environment-friendly.

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CCD perforating machine technical indicators

  1. Voltage: 220V – 240V
  2. Power consumption: 200W
  3. Diameter of openings: 1mm-5mm
  4. Recognition diameter: 1mm-5mm
  5. Applied materials: soft board, film, PVC/PV/PET panel, IML/IMD membrane sheet, PET panel, FOLEX, paper, thin aluminum panel
  6. Maximum operating area: 1250*770mm
  7. Air pressure: 0.5-0.7 Mpa
  8. Drilling speed: 0.4 second/opening
  9. Position error: < 0/008 mm

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  1. Die pressing silicon/plastic buttons of Cell phones or remote control, whole cutting and slitting of plastic products;
  2. Cutting protection membranes for liquid crystal display of Cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, delicate cutting and cutting half of adhesive stickers, logos;
  3. Embossing and molding PV, PE, PC membrane switch and panel;
  4. Pressing and molding flexible printed circuits of laptop keyboards.
Force 3T 10T 15T
Thermal size 500*240 500*240 500*240
Maximum working height 210 210 210
Oil mileage? 100-150 100-150 100-150
Heating power 4.8 4.8 4.8

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Technical parameters

  1. Distance of testing header: 7mm (modifiable)
  2. Speed: 10,000 times/hour
  3. Maximum single test: 20 million times
  4. Height of testing header: 0-120 mm
  5. Pressure: 50 – 1,500 g
  6. Drive mode: stepping motor
  7. Size: 380mm*260mm*370mm
  8. Weight: 6kg
  9. Power: 12V DC, 10W
  10. Noise: 35db

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  1. Individual microcomputer controller panel
  2. Magnetic powder to control the tension of coiled material
  3. Automatic correcting and measuring
  4. Automatically recycle leftover material
  5. Flat cutting endEquipment display10Profile projectorThe CPJ-series profile projector is a precise, efficient measurement equipment. The image projected can be either erect or inverted, so the measurement is simple and intuitional. The equipment has high optic qualities, clear images, and accurate amplification factor. Under transmission light, the error rate of the measurement can be lower than 0.08%. Profile projectors are widely used in industries like machinery, instrument, electronics, and light industry.