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We offer Superior switch circuit design ESD shielding LED illumination Custom embossing Metal or polymer domes for tactile feedback Fiber optic illumination Dead-face illuminated graphics.

about-1Since 1981, SHANBEN has devoted to the R&D of membrane switch technology and provided custom membrane switches, large-scale membrane switches and special-design graphic overlays for Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, ShanghaiJiaoTongUniversity and other corporations.

WAs a research institute before 2000, we have got very great help of The Japan Electronic Association, and now, through our R&D efforts, we have been able to offer innovative ideas and products to our medical, commercial and industrial OEM customers.

We expect to exchange the produce technology and experience with the membrane switch manufacturers of all parts of the world. Depend on our advantage of the technology and the cost, we welcome the external customer to order our products and be the processing base in china for the external membrane switch manufacturers.